Server statesΒΆ

Servers contain a status attribute that indicates the current server state. You can filter on the server status when you complete a list servers request. The server status is returned in the response body. The server status is one of the following values:

State Description
ACTIVE The server is active.
BUILDING The server has not finished the original build process.
DELETED The server is permanently deleted.
ERROR The server is in error.
HARD_REBOOT The server is hard rebooting. This is equivalent to pulling the power plug on a physical server, plugging it back in, and rebooting it.
PASSWORD The password is being reset on the server.
PAUSED In a paused state, the state of the server is stored in RAM. A paused server continues to run in frozen state.
REBOOT The server is in a soft reboot state. A reboot command was passed to the operating system.
REBUILD The server is currently being rebuilt from an image.
RESCUED The server is in rescue mode. A rescue image is running with the original server image attached.
RESIZED Server is performing the differential copy of data that changed during its initial copy. Server is down for this stage.
REVERT_RESIZE The resize or migration of a server failed for some reason. The destination server is being cleaned up and the original source server is restarting.
SOFT_DELETED The server is marked as deleted but the disk images are still available to restore.
STOPPED The server is powered off and the disk image still persists.
SUSPENDED The server is suspended, either by request or necessity. This status appears for only the following hypervisors: XenServer/XCP, KVM, and ESXi. Administrative users may suspend an instance if it is infrequently used or to perform system maintenance. When you suspend an instance, its VM state is stored on disk, all memory is written to disk, and the virtual machine is stopped. Suspending an instance is similar to placing a device in hibernation; memory and vCPUs become available to create other instances.
UNKNOWN The state of the server is unknown. Contact your cloud provider.
VERIFY_RESIZE System is awaiting confirmation that the server is operational after a move or resize.